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Academic dishonesty, plagiarism included, in the digital age: a literature review.

Gibbs and A. Kamin, The Science and Politics of I.

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Contributions toward costs of reproduction would be appreciated by Dr Spautz. A type of unconscious plagiarism could arise if I were to consult Patterns of Culture, use the same quotes from it as Lifton does and reproduce in my essay a sentence similar to Lifton's without remembering that I had originally read the sentence in Lifton's book.

Open adjudication procedures and a more realistic attitude to the frequency and significance of shoddy scholarship and of plagiarism would help overcome this unfair consequence for those accused.

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Because plagiarism is generally considered a clearcut transgression -- by non-academics as well as academics -- and because it is much more widespread than normally acknowledged, publicity on this topic is assiduously avoided by academics. Views of Prospective Academicians The first research question of the study was asked to learn about the views of the research questions on the plagiarism issue.

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However, this high frequency compared to other forms of research misconduct may partially result from enhanced detection by electronic methods. Notes 1 Useful sources of information relating to the case are: M. But neither improved rules and procedures by themselves, nor changes in attitudes by themselves, would be sufficient to remedy the situation. Professor Williams apparently has only a few scholarly publications, [7] and hence his thesis work becomes more important as an indication of his research capability and performance. The scores revealed variation between It is possible in principle that both Professor Williams' thesis could have inadequacies and that Dr Spautz' criticisms could have flaws. By the same token, certification by referees or examiners is hardly an invariable indication of adequate or valuable scholarship. The following sentence is from The Broken Connection by Robert Jay Lifton [27] : "Ruth Benedict suggested that whole cultures could be classified according to the Nietzchean duality of Appollonian stress upon measure, control and moderation; and the Dionysian embrace of excess, of 'annihilation of ordinary bonds and limits of existence' in the struggle to 'break through into another order of existence. If the secondary source makes an incorrect quotation from the original source, and I were to make the identical mistake, you might reasonably suspect that I had not consulted the original. Spautz joined the Department of Commerce at the University of Newcastle as a senior lecturer.

It is worth mentioning that having a CoE and fully implementing it are two separated matters, especially in a country like Kosovo. It is not a venal academic sin merely to be wrong -- normally something much more drastic must be shown, such as conscious bias and manipulation, or systematic and sustained incompetence.

I can use part of it for my new assignment The more scientific studies are conducted, the more ways of prevention could be found to inform the stakeholders. Strategic location refers to centrality in an academic presentation. As the research assistants, being the sample of the study, are all part of education faculty, the reason for no difference might be that they mostly have similar characteristics as being the part of education faculty and having the background of teaching profession. Examining and refereeing are the essential points of quality control in academia, and slackness in this area is a major factor in the development of 'shoddy scholarship'. Literature review The higher education sector in Kosovo The right to education is a constitutional right in Kosovo and as such is guaranteed by Article 47 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo CRK All have been established based on applicable legislation and by legal institutions KAA a. Dutton, L. Two public universities are used as case studies — the University of Haxhi Zeka and the University of Kadri Zeka — and the research is based on the legal and policy documents enacted by the two universities, as well as many reports, scientific articles on plagiarism and HEI official websites. First, disputes over the validity of academic work are very common.

Design This is a quantitative case study having a survey research design. Finally, the overall context of plagiarism must be considered: the nature of the contribution, scholarly or otherwise.

According to the articles about Professor Williams' work, several banks in Perth and Newcastle were at the time using his questionnaire "to help assess a borrower's potential for business success". Notes 1 Useful sources of information relating to the case are: M. Spautz, 6 March and 13 August ; D. The issue could not be taken up with the examiners since they are anonymous, at least officially. Nevertheless, plagiarism is sanctioned and prohibited through legal acts and institutional regulations in Kosovo, and all public universities in Kosovo are trying to deter these very harmful, unethical academic behaviours and illegal activities. The most frequently stated factors are following: problems with using foreign language See also Ian I. Even if academic channels for resolving disputes were greatly extended and improved, there would still remain the problem of appropriately responding to research with social implications. Spautz, 'Memo', 18 June Guilty in whose eyes? The issue of research with social implications leads to consideration of conflicts of interest, of methods for institutional decision-making, of the role of the media, of scientific value judgements versus social value judgements and of political power and ideology. Institutional factors make this a remote possibility in practice, at least in the case of senior appointments, as will be discussed later. The same applies to thesis examiners and to selection panels for academic appointments in respect to the quality of credentials. Moreover, the results also indicated they are know about what plagiarism is and believe that taking precautions for it is necessary for higher education institutions.
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Plagiarism, Cheating and Research Integrity: Case Studies from a Masters Program in Peru