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Regions Current shortages and potential growth can be confusing when looking at regions and areas of the United States separately. According to the World Health Statistics Report WHO,there are approximately 29 million nurses and midwives in the world, with 3.

There are many factors that influence wages, including area of expertise, years of experience, and location.

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Clinical Significance All of these potential reasons nurses choose to leave the profession, add to nursing turnover, thus affecting staffing ratios. Most research and market intelligence is free to access with simple registration at CompTIA. A study conducted in Poland between to concluded that nurses represent the profession most vulnerable to aggression in the workplace with regards to a healthcare setting. Despite this, when staffing is short, ratios go up to meet the need. Violence in the Healthcare Setting Violence in the healthcare setting plays a role in the nursing shortage, the ever-present threat of emotional or physical abuse, adding to an already stressful environment. Data may fluctuate due to updates or revisions by the data supplier. Many organizations have endorsed and sought after the Magnet Certification as a way to provide superior nursing processes and high level of safety, quality and patient satisfaction ANCC, Aging Work Force Like the populations they serve, the nursing workforce is also aging. Any questions about Cyberstates can be directed to research comptia. These metrics provide directional guidance for the degree of innovation occurring in the state.

How does this compare to average wages in general? The reality is that older persons do not typically have one morbidity that they are dealing with, but more often have a multitude of diagnosis and co-morbidities that requires them to seek treatment Barr, A higher need is seen in areas that have high retirement populations.

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Most research and market intelligence is free to access with simple registration at CompTIA. The causes related to the nursing shortage are numerous and issues of concern. The percentage of the overall workforce employed tech industry or in a tech occupation is a measure of its impact on state or metropolitan employment Source: U.

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Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U. Int J Health Plann Manage.

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