An analysis of the social machinery in terms of consciousness as presented by graziano

The theory is offered as a possible starting point for building artificial consciousness.

Attention schema theory definition

Artificial systems that have different internal architecture, perhaps different processes akin to but not identical to human attention, might require different self-representations. My arms and legs are physical parts of me; they have substance. In order to understand and predict the behavior of other people, it is useful to monitor other people's attentional state. The example given here relates to a consciousness of an apple. It may also be impossible to build artificial intelligence that can interact with people in a socially competent manner. Grasping an Apple with the Mind Suppose the robot as described above is asked another question. It behaves less stably over time and shows evidence of being less able to error-correct and less able to adapt to perturbations McCormick, ; Lin and Murray, ; Webb and Graziano, ; Webb et al. For those who fear that AI is potentially dangerous and may harm humanity, I would say that the danger is infinitely greater with sociopathic computers and it is of the utmost priority to give them consciousness—both the ability to attribute it to themselves and to others. Without the internal information indicating that it contains consciousness, it would not be able to make the claim. We attribute awareness to each other, to pets, to inanimate objects, and to the spaces around us. Clearly, the illusionist approach has a philosophical similarity to the AST. Machine consciousness is a necessary step for our future. The claim about the presence of, and properties of, an apple depends on cognitive access to a model of the apple, presumably constructed in the visual system.

First, the brain is an information-processing device. If you ask the machine for more details, it can give a rich description. Contributions in neuroscience[ edit ] Graziano has made contributions in three areas of neuroscience: how neurons in the primate brain encode peripersonal space, how the motor cortex controls complex movement, and the possible neuronal basis of consciousness.

That focus may be on select, incoming sensory signals, or it may be on internal information such as specific, recalled memories.

attention schema theory psychology

To many people it refers to the rich contents swirling within a mind. Some of the research into AST therefore focuses on the overlap between one's own claims of awareness and one's attributions of awareness to others. What you are attending to, you are likely to behave toward.

AST proposes an adaptive function to that information: it serves as an internal model of one of the brain's most important features, attention.

An analysis of the social machinery in terms of consciousness as presented by graziano

The idea would be worth pursuing, but better engineering solutions might be discovered along the way. However, just as in the case of the body schema, the attention schema lacks information about the mechanistic details.

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