Airline crews needs essay

Accidents can be prevented when these two factors are considered.

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This risk is further compounded by the fact that they have to mix with the general population after the flight, and in the process endanger public safety in case they have contracted any communicable disease. Furthermore, improved understanding of the association between reproductive and biological processes that follow a 24 hour cycle have shown that long haul flights negatively affect the reproductive health of female crew members.

Physical effects due to the nature of their work affect both male and female crews. It provides crews' training in… 1.

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You might be based abroad. You'll work with a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures. The different between the training a cabin crew to a receptionist is that airlines will provide their cabin crew members an out of house training usually taking up to 6 weeks and within this they train the cabin crew with enough knowledge about the job role and they will also go through certain tests such as physical tests, numerical and English tests, comparing to receptionists training it is very different, a receptionist will be trained in house and will be trained on how to use the computer system, how to book, how to take payment and also how to use switchboard, the receptionists will not need to go through any of the tests also comparing to cabin crews, receptionists training will also not take time as they will be trained on daily basis until they are familiar with the routine of the job.

Airline crews needs essay

Jet lag which is associated with long haul flights is a common occurrence to crew members in these flights. Cabin Crew is part of the Team. The constant adjustments to different cultures cause anxiety, and increase the stress levels of the flight crews.

Dealing with difficult passengers in an enclosed space, with an audience, can be stressful. Traveling the world and seeing a new place every week is. Beyond salary, you could enjoy various benefits depending on the airlineincluding: Free travel on domestic flights Free or heavily discounted travel on international flights Discounted travel for immediate family and spouses International medical insurance Free accommodation and transportation or allowances to cover the costs Discounts on duty-free products 2.

India will have nearly to airplanes byit was estimated by Airbus.

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Best Things About Being a Flight Attendant