A history of mathematics and chronology of important events

He introduces into Europe the astrolabe, a portable sundial and a quadrant with a cursor. He made groundbreaking discoveries in just about every field of mathematics, from algebra and number theory to statistics, calculus, geometry, geology and astronomy.

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He used it to prove the binomial theoremPascal's triangleand the sum of integral cubes. He proposed that the solar system developed from a rotating disk of dust.

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This paper is the first application of probability to social statistics. Many of the mathematical tablets are "problem texts:" they contain problems or sets of problems, sometimes with solutions. Zero Zero was invented by the Hindu mathematicians Aryabhata and Varamihara in India around or shortly after the year A. Her parents tried to prevent her from studying when she was young, and she never received a post at a university. He uses Ptolemy 's epicycle theory of the planets but believes they are controlled by the sun. He gives Stirling 's formula. About BC Apollonius of Perga writes Conics in which he introduces the terms " parabola ", " ellipse " and " hyperbola ". About BC Zeno of Elea presents his paradoxes. Leibniz pointed out, the I Ching contained elements of binary numbers.

This work is an early contribution to the differential calculus. William Playfair is generally viewed as the inventor of most graphical forms used to display data, including line plots, the bar chart, and the pie chart.

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It would run to more than editions over a period of about years. His attempts to relate mortality and age in a population and proves highly influential in the future production of actuarial tables in life insurance.

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A Timeline History of Mathematics