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Research firm SuperData estimated that Facebook sold aboutRifts last year. Those numbers sound impressive, but it might be tough to figure out which companies will benefit the most from that growth.

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Dhruva has an incubator in Bengaluru called GameTantra for gaming companies that need office space, mentoring and funding. All three claimed they could tell how stocks will perform - by reading the stars, cards, birth charts and so on. The astrologer charges between Rs 1, and Rs 5, for them. There is a fair amount of travel, mainly for marketing and business development. On the daily chart, volumes have been higher on down days then on rising days, which further confirms that there is limited upside and more room for downside. There were no gaming companies in India at the time, but Rao found the idea interesting and set up Dhruva in Bengaluru with five employees. Our market has its own economic lifecycle, demographics, physiology and many times moves independently from the US indices. One shareholder directed a question to the pair and Buffett answered instead.

But gaming enthusiasts are not necessarily good game creators," says Rao. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are that of the writer.

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We ask three entrepreneurs what it takes to be a good gaming professional, besides, of course, a love for playing. There could be quarters when the company is much more aggressive in buying back stock, he said.

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Research firm SuperData estimated that Facebook sold about , Rifts last year. Gaming Saurabh Aggarwal Octro Rajesh Rao Dhruva Interactive Arpita Kapoor Work Place Designing games for a living sounds like fun but it takes an army, well, almost an army, of designers, programmers, artists, testers, animators, producers and sound engineers to create a game that works. CEO Al Nahmad has run the company since , working to narrow its focus as it expands across local markets. The company is currently in the process of launching a digital version of carrom. Gaming is a combination of creativity and technology and we are hard-core technologists, so that is our secret sauce," says Aggarwal. Also, dealing with the misconception that people who enjoy gaming can also make good games. But over the next few years, app revenues could climb, and Facebook could tether its social network into virtual reality, offering users a game-changing way of remotely interacting with their family and friends. We look at the algorithms and how they can be optimized to give the user a good experience," says Aggarwal. But Facebook isn't depending on Rift sales for growth.

Interns and new hires want to be part of an ecosystem in cities like Bengaluru or Delhi. TEAM, The entrepreneur, who leads a team of 60, says he sometimes has to drag himself away from writing code because as CEO he believes he will be more effective working on marketing and business development. There was a wide gap," says Kapoor.

Many of the companies have delivered returns below expectations. There are very few good formal courses in India on gaming, like the Asian Institute of Animation and Gaming in Bengaluru that teaches game art, so the onus is on you to develop your skills by self-study. The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of www.

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